Landed Learning Guiding Principles

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The Intergenerational Landed Learning Project is a unique teaching, learning, and research initiative of the UBC Faculty of Education that unites collaborative teams of one elder, one younger adult, and 3-5 elementary school children to care for the Earth as they explore, grow, harvest, cook, and eat together at the UBC Farm.


We envision a future where people live respectfully and act responsibly, with awareness that our actions impact the health of the land, the planet, and all who share it.


The Intergenerational Landed Learning Project is committed to improving the well-being of people, communities, and the planet through environmental education and research.

We enact our mission through:

Fostering intergenerational community,

  • Communicating knowledge and ideas, and sharing stories and resources across generations and cultures
  • Collaboration, and care for self, others, and the environment
  • Feeling joy, expressing gratitude for, and celebrating community

Promoting love of learning,

  • Learning through authentic problem solving and inquiry
  • Learning through Intergenerational, relational, collaborative and cooperative experiences.
  • Fostering holistic learning — practical, aesthetic, moral, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, embodied, cross-curricular
  • Wondering, contemplating and playing

Advancing human health

  • Trying and enjoying the taste of fresh and whole foods
  • Sharing in preparing and eating healthy food in community
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Challenging ourselves and supporting one another to try and accomplish new things

Caring for the Earth

  • Sharing responsibility for sustaining the health of the land
  • Respecting and showing reverence and gratitude for life and all living things
  • Learning with and from nature as teacher

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